Hong Kong Investment Visa (Entrepreneur Visa) – 2

Are you eligible to apply for the Entrepreneur Visa?

The Hong Kong Immigration department has been receiving no less than 10,000 Entrepreneur Visa applications in 2021. Even-though, the whole world is going through a pandemic and economy downturn, many business owners sees Hong Kong as a place where there are more business opportunities and possibilities. As Hong Kong welcomes the foreign entrepreneurs. However, still some investment is not eligible to countries including: Chinese residents of Mainland China, Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, Nepal, and Vietnam.

Is Entrepreneur visa eligible for Overseas Chinese?

If you are Mainland Chinese living overseas, you still eligible to apply for the entrepreneur visa. Firstly, you have to meet the basic immigration criteria:

  1. No criminal records
  2. Having actual business activities in Hong Kong
  3. Established an office premise
  4. Local hiring
  5. Having sufficient fund

Secondly, you are holding a permanent residence overseas. Thirdly, you have been residing overseas for at least one year before the application submission.

In this scenario, you have to apply overseas.

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