Is Working On Holiday A Good Idea?

Working Holiday Hong Kong

We think yes! If you have a chance to travel to a foreign country, gain valuable on the job experience and at the same time get to know a different culture.

And a vibrant city like Hong Kong does seem like the perfect choice. So what is there to consider? First – a working holiday visa!

This type of visa is only available to a small number of young people (18-30) from the countries with which Hong Kong has a bilateral agreement. These include:


New Zealand





South Korea


So what will you need to do?

–       Show your first intention of spending a holiday in Hong Kong

–       Have at least HK$ 15,000 –  HK$ 25, 000 in your bank account

–       Have a return air ticket

–       Have a comprehensive and reliable insurance throughout your stay in Hong Kong

That’s about it! Considering a working holiday in Hong Kong? Check out





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