It’s All About You: A Huge Thank You to Our members

Thank you all for joining our Meetup group! In less than six months, we were able to grow our Meetup group to over 1400 members.
For us, it is important that everyone being happy: members and organizing team. We achieve that by doing interesting, creative events that are also original like ‘Female entrepreneur event and Speed networking event’. They have to be interesting for members and not done everywhere else by other groups. The second thing is that we are happy too: we want to give you what you want from running those events: friends, fun, contacts, and money, whatever you are looking for in your business.
We would like to thank our new members for all the energy that you have brought. It brings us joy to have had the privilege of witnessing the beginning of so many wonderful business relationship.

Stay tuned for our future networking events coming out in the following months on our Meet Up Page.

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