Kick-start Your Year with Visualising Your Goals

Often as we go through our days on end, we lose sight of the goals and resolutions we have made for the New Year.

Here’s a technique that will help you manifest what you really want this year, what this will do is keep you on track and aligned with your goals. When you are your focus and energy is put into your goal, only then it can be achieved. This technique has been popularised by the world champion boxer – Muhammad Ali, he calls it Future History.

What was his technique?

So what Ali would do before a match is vividly visualise the end of the fight. He would imagine the referee holding up his arm and declaring him champion. He would picture, how he was feeling, how he was standing and what he could see.  In-depth, in detail, with commitment and belief, he would visualise this over and over, so before the fight he was not only physically, but mentally prepared. He has spent so much time and energy into feeling like a champion, knowing, already, what it felt like to win, that he had conditioned himself to succeed.  

This I would say is the most powerful tool, not only physically preparing, but mentally preparing yourself to achieve. Whatever comes your way, you don’t lose sight your goal, striving to reach the end.

So give it a try, utilise this tool:

1. Think of the outcome you desire

2. Visualise the outcome happening with total belief

3. See the outcome in as much detail as possible

4. See yourself in the picture

5. What can you hear and see around you?

6. Stand and breathe as you would

7. Make the image bigger brighter and louder

8. Intensify the feeling

9. Now truly focus on what you want & making it happen!


With visualization and belief you can create your own destiny, happy goal achieving~

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