Labor Insurance in Hong Kong

Question: Do I need to purchase Labor Insurance for my employee when I incorporate a company in Hong Kong?


No, if you are only self employed.
Yes. if you are hiring the first staff in your business.You are responsible to pay for the labor insurance no matter your employee(s) who work in Hong Kong is/are local or not. According to Employees’ Compensation Assistance Ordinance, Chapter 365, if an employer fails to comply with the compulsory insurance requirement will pay a penalty
Question: How does the labor insurance being calculated?
Answer:  The minimum insurance cover should be for an amount:
No. of Employees:         Amount of Insurance Cover per Event:
Not more than 200              Not less than $100 million
More than 200                      Not less than $200 million

Employers are also required to arrange Mandatory Provident Fund for their employees in Hong Kong, please click here for more information.

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