ice bucket challenge

We have all seen examples of how a simple video, picture, trend or even a phrase can go viral – the most recent one being the “ice bucket challenge”. No matter where we stand on the idea itself, there are definite marketing lessons to learn here.

So what is it that creates the viral effect? According to Entrepreneur.com, there are a number of factors at play here:

  1. Have a goal/cause

Most viral phenomena are created with a purpose in mind. Define a clear message for your campaign and keep it simple.

2.  Make it fun and easy

These days, as we all know, people have neither the time or the willpower to read long articles or watch complex presentations. Put your message in the simplest form possible and add a touch of humour. Success guaranteed!

3.  Ask other to join in

As with the ice bucket challenge, asking each participant to spread the word- encourage your target audience to involve their immediate network, thus increasing the scope of your campaign, as well as add to the fun of being part of something together with your friends.

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