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We finished off last week with talking about handling email unsubscriptions. And as we did mention, you should not allow that or any other obstacle to stop you in your tracks.

But perhaps, you can review your newsletter and see it form the client’s point of view. Watch out for these:

Be more personal

–       Use your real name instead of your nickname

–       Use your potential reader’s name instead of just “Reader”

–       Compose a good subject, clearly presenting the content of your email (avoid spam-looking subject lines)

Don’t make them pretty, make them smart

Fancy graphics and bright colours do not impress anymore. People are on the lookout for information and benefit. So consider doing some research of what can really improve your clients’ businesses. Statistics, graphs, analyses or market research will get you more thumbs up.

3. Look for THE ONE

Find the right person who will care most about your offer. If you are not sure who that would be in a particular company, use Google or Linkedin for help. The latter would help you connect more quickly (provided you have a developed network)

Get your hands on their email address of key players and decision makers. And once you do write to them, do not forget to explain clearly how you got their email  to avoid being blocked.


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