Meet Up on Meet Up

It can be difficult to think what it would be like to relocate your life or job to another country. In Hong Kong, there is nothing short of making friends or creating a network. Whether you are, local or an expat, there are vast amounts of groups available in order for you to join in regards to your interest or adventures.

You’ll be surprised what you can find which is welcome to newcomers and on goers. There will be many people in the same situation or have been through that situation. Just feels like you’re back to school.  So why not try out a meet up group and begin your search for what you’re looking for. You never know what you can find and it’s a great opportunity to unleash some potential.

For Centre O Connect, we have our own meet up group to build a business community like no other, bringing together networkers and entrepreneurs. A place where you can learn great things and realise things you didn’t. Don’t worry; it’s not ‘all work and no play’, it’s a ‘work hard play hard’ attitude.

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