Smart phones allow you to keep in touch with others when you are on the go. While the technology has been more advanced, the phone numbers has been used for phone banking and authentications for personal data and apps. You can now carry out daily tasks from just your fingertip. For instance, mobile-banking. In China is very common to verify your personal identity via your phone as well. Linking your bank account to Alipay or WeChat Pay accounts. Then you can pay and receive money via your phone.

What happen if your China mobile number was suspended or cancelled? How to reset your Alipay or WeChat Pay and other apps. In fact, before resetting your account you will need to activate your mobile number as the very first step.

China Number Expired Less than 90 days

If you are just owing the telephone bill for less than 90 days. Once you top up your phone again, your number can be activated in 2 days. Get a friend in China to help topping up the mobile fee. Leaving extra amounts in the account, so you will not have the same problem again until your next visit to China.

China Number Expired Over 90 days

Unfortunately, if your number is expired for more than 90 days. Then your China number will be fall into a “Frozen stage”. No matter if you have settled the outstanding fees and top up extra funds to your China number. Your number cannot be activated unless you travel into China and apply for re-activation in person. The mobile companies will need to run through a ‘true person’ registration again, taking picture, recording your traveling documents or ID on the spot.

How to re-activate?

You have to visit and report your suspended mobile number to the China local operator office in person. Also, you have to bring your personal identity card or travel documents ( Passport and China Visa). Then the operator officer will verify your identity and review and assist to arrange re-activation. This normally takes 3 to 5 days.

What happen if you don’t report to your mobile operator office?

If your number is in “Frozen stage” and not reported to your local operator office. All information related to your number will be removed. Operator can resell your number to the public. All your mobile banking, apps or wechat that you registered your China number with, might be suspended as well. You will need to apply for a new number when you return into China and approach banks. For business owners, you will also be required to go in person to the tax department and government offices to update your new number in person.

A friendly reminder, please don’t forget to top up your China mobile number. Even you are not in China, get a friend to help topping up.

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