My Internship at Centre O in Hong Kong

My Internship in Hong Kong at Centre O

My name is Simon and I am studying a Master Degree in Business Communication in Denmark. I decided to apply for an internship in Hong Kong, as the city is, by many, known for being the Business Centrum of Asia. Also, I heard that the city has a fast pace and skilled people. This would give me a brilliant chance to learn. Further, I figured that my CV would be stronger by having worked in a highly regarded city. Next, I wanted to live in another culture in order to develop my personal skills.

First impressions

The city and culture of Hong Kong did not disappoint. I was immediately impressed by the skyscrapers and the many people constantly filling the street no matter where I went. The city never seems to sleep. The only time I found the streets to be somewhat quiet is in the middle of the day, as almost every person is working inside massive buildings. These buildings are, as I see them, like small cities in big buildings. This means that the people do not have to leave the building for a cup of coffee as these buildings are equipped with everything you need for a productive day at work. I have never experienced this before, so needless to say that I was impressed by the sheer size and how the government has organised so many people in a relatively small area.

The internship

My assignments

I was working at Centre O where I mostly was doing marketing related work. This includes advertising for events, hosting events, writing blogs, newsletter, SEO, graphic designs for our website, etc. Besides these, I also wrote Business Plans and participated in meetings with clients. It helped my overall experience to try different work, as I got to see the organisation and Business life from different angles.

A different working culture

It was important to be able to multitask due to the fast pace and ever-changing landscape of the Hong Kong Business environment.  I found this tasking in the beginning, but it was more due to the working schedule in Hong Kong. In Denmark, we usually work to around 4 pm, but I worked to at least 6 pm at Centre O. Therefore, I had to adjust my sleep in order to be able to experience the city. Luckily for me, I have had good colleagues and a great boss which made sure that I was gradually getting new assignments. For me, this shows professionalism and helped me avoiding too much pressure at one time.

Leaving Hong Kong

As I leave Hong Kong, I can look back at a great internship. Also, I think about this city and its possibilities and how much fun I had with my friends and colleagues. It has been a learning experience professionally and personally. I am therefore very pleased that I decided to do my internship in Hong Kong.

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