NEPAL Needs Your Help….

Centre O normally always enjoy writing blogs, sadly today is different. Today Nepal is in a state of dis-pair due to the powerful earthquake that struck 3 days ago on Saturday 25th April.
Nearly two million children feared affected by Saturday’s deadly earthquake in Nepal which has claimed more 10,000 lives to date. Depressingly this number is increasing by the minute.
As the sheer devastation of the recent earthquake becomes clearer, we know that children have been the most affected by this disaster.
Despite the difficulties in reaching some of the hardest-hit regions, we would love everyone to give much-needed items to help these children and their families.

How You Can Help?

It’s time to send blankets, clothes to these areas that got hit by this horrible disaster, that’s actually a particularly effective way to help those in need. Postal and delivery services are able to access disaster areas by flying emergencely to Kathmandu. Charities do have the resources and boots on the ground to effectively hand out material aid generally already have relationships with companies that provide bottled water and other necessities.
We are acting as point person to collect the supplies needed. As such, we are asking anyone who has either blankets and clothes they can offer, or access to larger quantities (through schools or work), to collect what they can before end of the week.

We will be open to take supply donations (no cash) during office hour in our two offices Sheung Wan and WanChai.

There is a 100% lack of everything in Nepal, it’s heartbreaking. We never had this kind of destruction before…
Please keep the people of Nepal in your prayers and give what you can today, you can help…

Office hours:
9am to 18pm

Wan Chai Office:
China Hong Kong Tower
14/F 8 Hennessy Road
Wan Chai

Sheung Wan Office:
135 Bonham Strand Centre
135 Bonham Strand East
Sheung Wan

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