New way of perceive time

A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that those who worked 55 hours per week performed more poorly on some mental tasks than those who worked 40 hours per week.

People work best in intense 90-minute bursts followed by periods of recovery. Taken together, these findings suggest that with the right scheduling of bursts and rests, workers could get a similar amount of work done over a shorter period of time.

Moreover, there’s some anecdotal evidence that a four-day workweek might increase productivity. When you have a compressed workweek, you tend to focus on what’s important. Constraining time encourages quality time: better work gets done in four days than in five.

That said, the five-day workweek might already have so much cultural indolence that it can’t be changed. Most companies can’t just tell employees not to come in on Fridays, because they’d be at a disadvantage in a world that favors the five-day workweek.

There’s also the simple economics of the four-day week, as seen in Utah. When the lights are on four days instead of five, and employees need to make the commute two fewer times, costs are lowered.

It is really interesting to investigate different kinds of behavior on work, it could be a real revolution worldwide to reorganize working hours not only for shops but especially for offices.

Starting from Jan 1st 2016, instead of working on Saturdays, Centre O – Wanchai office – is keeping free on the weekends and let rest up its staff.

To be always available and present for its clients, we decided to extend our opening offices hours until 7 instead of 6 pm, to give the possibilities to clients to come in our offices without any rush or swearing in the traffic.

For us it is really important that our staff is happy, and happy means more productive: our priority are your needs.

Having the weekend completely off, they can enjoy time with their families and saving more energies to spend during the working hours.

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