No, You Shouldn’t Obsess Over Being Perfect – Especially When Starting Up

The definition of entrepreneur is all about a person who organizes and operates a business taking on greater than normal financial risks. If you are investing in your business and you can’t see an immediate return, it’s normal: keep working hard.

When your purpose is starting a business it’s easy to look at someone who is already doing it and try to reverse engineer their strategy.
In some cases, this is really useful. Learning from the experiences of successful people is a great way to accelerate your own learning curve.

The systems, habits, and strategies that successful people are using today are probably not the same ones they were using when they began. People might be influenced by a physical appearance but no one can argue with a solid work ethic.
Even if at first no one believes in you, people will learn to believe in your results.

Everyone of us can learn a lot from others: it doesn’t matter if someone is younger than us, has less experience but more studies or vice versa: listening and learning from others is always great and we should do it all the time.
Don’t worry if you don’t feel like a complete expert in the field yet. For the things you don’t yet know, you can find answers.

It could happened that comparing your situation to someone who is already successful can often make you feel like you lack the required resources to get started at all. If you look at their optimal setup, it can be really easy to convince yourself that you need to buy new things or learn new skills or meet new people before you can even take the first step toward your goals.

Some people believe that overcoming the fear of failure is entirely dependent on a person’s willingness and motivation to change. This should be a good incentive, not something that makes give you up. There will be plenty of time for optimization later.

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to get obsessed with optimal. This is especially true at the start. For example, if you want to build your own website, don’t be obsessed with several type of complicated logo.
Your “logo” is just you: your name, your qualities and competences.

Great gear can make your life much easier on the road, but it’s not required.
You don’t need new shoes to start running.
You don’t need new cooking bowls to start eating healthy.
Those things might be optimal, but they are not needed in the beginning. You will be considered hasty.

Some people will think that you’re crazy to start a new business and they will be correct.
The safe and rational thing to do would be to never take a risk and work for someone else for the rest of your life.

It’s terrifying to take the risk of offering your skills to the world, wondering if they’ll be valued. Even if you won’t start your business with an established audience of people ready to throw money at you, don’t let visions of what is optimal prevent you from getting started in the first place.

An imperfect start can always be improved, but obsessing over a perfect plan will never take you anywhere on its own.
If you approach your business with joy and you believe in your capacities, in case you will fall don’t worry: you can set it up right again.

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