O CONNECT: How flexible are you?

Full-time, part-time, hotdesking, freelance, flexitime, teleworking – these are just a small number of option available to professionals worldwide. And then there is project-based work, startups, pilot companies and more. What we know for sure is that working today is built on one strong principle: get the job done and the details: WHEREs, WHENs and HOWs are  left up to us. This newly-attained flexibility allows us to go beyond the traditional office and explore more creative options.

Co-working fits into the scheme perfectly. It offers you flexibility in all the key areas: you get to decide:

–       WHEN you start and finish work, take a break, do some overtime and more

–       WHERE you want to work: a lot of co-working spaces boast central locations, giving you numerous options for lunch, after-work entertainment and easy access to key locations in the city

–       HOW: you can work alone, in a team, with friends and family or with your new co-working buddies

So when it comes to flexibility, co-working spaces are the thing of the present and future. Connect O can accommodate your working style ideas  – just tell us what you need at sales@centreo.hk

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