Office Health Scares Part I: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

All of us, who spend most of our time in an office or cozily nestled in a coffee shop with our laptops, often think that we are lucky with our safe working environments. And it’s true. Office jobs will definitely not make it to Discovery’s hit series Dangerous Jobs.

However,  even such a seemingly safe environment can present certain health risk, when we are not careful. Here are some things to watch out for.

carpal tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Problem: Any motion that is repeated over and over again can cause injury and pain.

But, contrary to popular opinion, carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t just pain caused by too much typing. It reveals itself as tingling, numbness, itching or even sharp pain, caused when a nerve that runs through the forearm is compressed by swollen ligaments and bones in the wrist (National Institutes of Health)

 Prevention: Do not let it get to the  point when drugs or even surgery are your only option. Try regular stretching and exercises to release tension.

Surely, keep your wrists in the right position. They SHOULD NOT actually rest on the cushy wrist pads that sit below your keyboard or mouse pad. They should only be used as a guide to how high your wrists should be.  According to occupational therapist Marji Hajic your hands should hover over the wrist rest. The wrist rest itself should only be used as a rest in between bouts of typing.


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