OFFICE PLANTS PART II: Choosing the One…

So what do you look for in a perfect office plant?

Since you have an office, we assume that you have a busy schedule. And running around with a lamp or a bottle of purified water may not be on your daily agenda.

So, point # one – Your office plant must be easy to keep.

Check out:  Spider PlantSpider

This low-maintenance plant is perfect for shelves, bookcases or hanging baskets. In addition to being extremely modest in its demands, spider plant carries great benefits for improving air quality inside the office and reducing stress at work.

 Secondly, office space is limited. So the plants you “hire” must do a good job. So they need to have benefits.

Check out: Lemon Balm


This fragrant plant is a great choice for a stressful office environment. Its zesty smell is a great mood enhancer. It also works wonders for you productivity and will definitely help you keep your eyes open when you are in for an early meeting or working on a project after hours.

Finally, they may have additional value by enhancing office design.

Check out: Peace Lily


This beautiful flower with a memorable name would definitely add to the overall look of your office. It is minimalistic and sophisticated and perfectly integrates into any office style. But beauty is not the only feature peace lily can boast. They remove pollutants from indoor air and are recognized air cleansers.

And if you are looking for more options, check out Gardenia, Golden Pothos, Peppermint, Moth Orchid or consult your local  flower shop.


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