When running an online business, the steps are similar to if you were running a traditional, offline business. By setting up clear rights and obligations, you will ensure that the business relationship runs smoothly between all involved parties.

Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Goods outline the rights of your business and customers when selling goods/services online. Terms and Conditions usually cover details such as how to make orders, delivery, pricing methods, guarantees, cancellation, and liability. Whether you are running an online business or offline business, terms and conditions should always be presented clearly and accepted by customers before the sale is closed.

If your business is simply acting as a middleman, you will still need terms and conditions. In this case, the Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace might be the sort of document you would need for your platform or portal. This document includes the rules and regulations of visiting and purchasing goods through a third party, online market place. This document sets out the obligations between the website operator and users. By continuing to use the site, buyers accept the terms.

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