Productivity Hacks as Featured in Forbes

Productivity Hacks

Do you ever feel like the day is going by way too quickly? And that even though you put in decent hours every day, you still find yourself facing last-minute deadlines and stressing over handing in projects or reports late?

Well, I definitely know what it feel like. And that’s why one article on Forbes (“Productivity Hacks That Successful People Use Every Day”) drew my attention.

I would like to share a few tips I discovered in the article and I really hope they will help you get the most out of your day.

Keep in mind that not all of these hacks will go in well with your job description. For example, if you work in the fire department letting your call got to voicemail may not work out well)

1.   Set specific times to check email

Checking and responding to emails can prove to be very time-consuming. And you may not see that at first glance. But try monitoring your email usage for one day and you’ll see how much time you spend going back and forth between mail boxes.

Some research suggests that email takes up to 28% of the average worker’s day. So instead of answering emails at every beep of your smartphone or laptop, try doing it at set times during the day (the frequency depends and particular times depend on you, but do try to keep it under ten)))

2. Let your calls go to voicemail

Don’t feel obliged to pick up the phone every time it rings (unless of course your job dictates otherwise).

If possible, take a look at the caller ID and only take calls that must be answered immediately.

Later on, return to the missed calls when you have time.

3. Have a daily plan in place

If you tend to come home with the depressing thought “I didn’t get anything done today” – then this one is for you.

The thing is, it is very easy to get caught up in dealing with small “crises”, requests and visits. However, when others start dictating your day, you lose control.

Set time limits. By giving yourself a specific amount of time to finish a task, you will be hyperfocused and ignore distractions.

4. Monitor your social media usage

We all know that these days social media marketing is an indispensible part of promoting every small business. However, funny pictures on Facebook or Twitter news updates can keep you glued to the screen and using track of time.

Build in time to check, monitor and respond to social media, write blogs and plan your social media activity. Like any other marketing campaign, it needs planning, deadlines and goals.

5.   Keep meetings to a minimum

The average meeting is around 45 minutes. And most days we have more than one. Meetings are a necessary part of our business lives, but limiting their frequency and duration can prove to be not only time-saving but also efficient.

Many meetings can be avoided and replaced by a group email or a quick phone call, so don’t be afraid to suggest alternatives to traditional, in-person meetings.

 6.   Say no to “busy work”

Do not let yourself get caught up. It’s simple: “busy” does not equal “productuive”.

While tasks like organizing your desk, color-coding your files, or fiddling with fonts may seem important in the moment, they can be huge time-wasters. While there is a time and place for most tasks (even seemingly insignificant ones), be sure you’re not just doing them to stay busy.

7.   Use efficiency-maximizing tools

Software tools are a great way to speed up common tasks that otherwise take up bandwidth. RoboformBoomerang for Gmail, and Dropbox are just three of my most-recommended productivity tools.

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