If you have a messy office desk, and you still struggle to find your things quickly, you are one of the many that suffer from office desk clutter.

So you’ve got a desk or office you would like to tidy up. We’ve all been there, there’s no shame about it. Check out the advice below to get it under control and make your life more productive.

1. Ask yourself: Do I really need all this stuff?
Sometimes, the temptation of cheap office supplies means we purchase far too much in the name of bargains. But remember, a bargain is not a bargain if you never use the items you buy! Before you jump on a sale, ask yourself, “Does the company already have something that serves the same function?” For example, if we have an A4 label sheet, we don’t need a label maker.

2. Throw things away. Be ruthless.
Once you’ve identified redundant supplies, get rid of them! Get a big trash bag and start from sweeping stuff away. Dead pens, blurred rulers, and old decorations all have got to go. After you’ve done this, you’re well on your way to decluttering.

3. Have a small tray for temporary storage
If you have small things you don’t know how to handle, put them into a small tray to gain some temporary space. However, don’t forget to clean this tray regularly! Set a weekly or daily reminder to clear it out.

4. Organize your stuff
Keeping certain things in certain places will mean you’ll never spend time searching for your items again. Return items to your desk and drawers to the same place each time and you’ll always know exactly where they are, giving you a sense of better control on your life.

5. Follow the rules you set strictly
Now that you’ve identified the problems and set rules for organising things, you have to follow them! Keeping a clean office space can be very difficult, especially for a busy entrepreneur, but taking a couple minutes every day to tackle your messy desk gives you a sense of control and allows you to focus on what’s really important: your business.

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