Prolonged VISA: How and Why

Unfortunately, Hong Kong only recognizes traditional ‘legal dependents’ (heterosexual spouse) in the issuance of dependent visas. For example, will you qualify for permissions under one of the other visa categories in your own right? In case your situation doesn’t belong to one of these categories: student/training visa, investment visa, dependent visa, employment visa, and your partner as principal visa holder is able to demonstrate the capacity to support you whilst искf you remain in Hong Kong, the only real option for you is to apply for a prolonged visitor visa.

Pro-long Visitor Visas (based on a defacto relationship) are for unmarried partners who have been in a common h law or defacto relationship for at least 12 months. This status is what we have coined a ‘slippers and p pipe’ visa in so much as it allows the holder to remain in Hong Kong for an extended period of time to avail residency’ but does not provide permissions to work, join in or establish a business nor undertake a formal course of study. Unmarried children of the relationship under the age of 18 will be treated as legal dependents, and therefore able to secure dependent visas. This type of application is all about demonstrating a pre-existing relationship prior to coming to Hong Kong (photos with printed dates, phone records, friends’ letter as proves, documents indicating the sponsor and the applicant were cohabiting overseas prior to their arrival in Hong Kong, letters addressed to the same address to both of the sponsor and the applicant separately ) and the financial capacity of maintaining you, supplying food on the table and a roof over the head as sponsored partner: detailed financial information and bank statements of both partners and copy of current residential tenancy agreement in Hong Kong where the couple will live (or proof of ownership) should be prepared setting out the mutual means of support (complicating factors in cases where the relationship has only commenced after arrival in Hong Kong).

The application together with all of the supporting documentation is submitted to the Visitors section at Immigration Tower. The application will not be decided that day and it can take between 6-8 months for the final outcome to be notified. During this period the applicant will be contacted by the examining officer by fax, phone, email or letter through the post, so do not be unprepared. After the approval, a prolonged visitor visa is usually issued for 6 months (the validity, any period under 6 months, is entirely on the discretion of the Department) and it can be renewed for another 6 months before it expires.

A prolong visitor visa is not a resident visa, so the holder will not qualify for a HKID card. Extensions will be granted routinely (upon application) thereafter. If you are planning to exit Hong Kong within that time frame you are advised to seek a re-entry permit so that your prolonged visitor visa consents are not cancelled when you leave Hong Kong and upon your return to the HKSAR the examining officer will grant you a period of stay with an expiry date of six months after the date of the original approval.



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