The Government is seeking the Legislative Council Finance Committee’s approve for injecting $27 billion into the 6th Anti-Epidemic Fund (AFE). The committee will discuss the funding proposal on 15th February, 2022.

Reasons for the proposal of the 6th round of the AEF

The Government fully understands the impact the pandemic and tightening of social distancing measures have brought to the community. So, the government has swiftly rolled out the 6th round of the AEF. Furthermore, the 6th round of the AEF aims to safeguard jobs and preserve the economic strength of Hong Kong. Then, Hong Kong will be able to recover as soon as possible when the omicron wave of the pandemic subsides.

What is new?

  • Over 60% of the total financial commitment is aiding individual.
  • The 6th round of the AEF introduces a Temporary Unemployment Relief.

What is the temporary unemployment relief?

The Temporary Unemployment Relief will provide a one-off, flat-rate $10,000-subsidy. No matter the employment is full-time or part-time and receiving a monthly salary not exceeding $30,000 before laid off. The workers have lost their jobs since the fifth wave of the pandemic started and have remained unemployed for at least one month at the time of application may enrol.

Who is eligible for the Temporary Unemployment Relief?

  • All kinds of employment: Full time, part time or self-employed;
  • Remain Unemployed for at least 1 months since January 2022;
  • Not the recipients of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance or other measure under the 6th round AEF.

Still, this is the proposal and subject to final approval from the Legislative Council.

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