– Your Guide To a Comfortable Flight


A few blogs before we talked about how to sleep better during flights.  This time we would like to share a great website that can help you plan your trip (and even your sleep) in extensive detail.


On the website you can:

–       see seat maps

–        find out about flight shipping and information,

–       get seating advice,

–       read user comments and see photos.

You have a chance to find out seat length and width, leg room, amenities and basically everything there is to know about your flight from within.

Reviews are especially helpful, as you can read about people’s first-hand flying experiences and the extent of detail you get from their comments is amazing.

Reading about my upcoming flight to Thailand on Emirates A380, I learnt which seats are best to book and which are right above the crew’s office and as a result are too noisy.

I found out what menu options I should pre-order as a vegetarian, what amount of legroom I should expect and even how to win the armrest battle.

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