Setting up a Hong Kong Company Part One: A Private Limited Company


First, why choose Hong Kong?

We truly think that Hong Kong is the ideal location for business set-up. It is not only one of the world’s top financial centres, but also a stable and well-respected jurisdiction. Additionally, since Hong Kong companies are legally required to file annual audited accounts, the company will also have more substance and will be able to apply for credit facilities.

Centre o will always advise clients to set up a private limited company. Why?

–        it limits the liability of the shareholders to the assets held by the company

–        the company can conduct ANY type of business

–        the activities of the company and NOT restricted by the company name.

Should you wish to establish a company with your own choice of name, we would like to advise that the full incorporation process will normally 24hours and we will be happy to conduct a name search on the availability of any proposed company name Free of Charge.

Please note that the company registry in Hong Kong is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. What does it mean? Details of the company Director(s) and Shareholder are accessible to the public.

Note: If you do not want your personal details to appear in the Company Registry, you may wish to discuss your specific requirements with us (

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