Setting up a Non-Profit Organization in Hong Kong

Setting up a club in Hong Kong

You are thinking of starting a club, association or any other type of non-profit organization in Hong Kong

What are your legal incorporation options?

  1. Set up a company

Quite a lot of charities and non-profit organization opt for

this. The entity follows the usual steps to register a company limited by “guarantee” instead of limited by “shares”, as there is no capital involved.

Similair to a private company, a non-profit organization has a Board of Directors, members (individuals or corporations) and a local secretary.

The process should take around one month.

When sending in the application you will be required to write up the company’s mission, vision and target audience.

Note: Subjected to Companies Registries’ approval, a non-profit organisation can be incorporated without the word “Limited” (in its company name). However, the processing time can be very ong, e.g. one year, depending on the case.

 tay tuned for our next blog post for option number two.


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