Shared works space, also known as co-working space, seems to be gaining popularity in the fast-paced city of Hong Kong. So what exactly is co-working space and what about it makes business people choose it over traditional office arrangements?

The story of shared working space in Hong Kong starts with the name of Jonathan Buford, the founder of BootHK, the pioneer of co-working spaces in the city of Hong Kong. Ever since, co-working establishments have been popping up in Hong Kong like mushrooms after rain, trying to satisfy the ever-growing demand for this new format.

So what are the benefits for shared work space?

This working format is frequently chosen by small businesses or freelancers and presents a great alternative to working at home or a local coffee shop.

A shared office offers more privacy and a real office environment, while helping you save on rent and the upkeep of an individual office.

It also saves time that would be otherwise spent on office matters, such us paying utility bills, arranging clean-ups and repairs, buying office furniture and so on.

However, one of the greatest benefits for young entrepreneurs is definitely a chance to meet with other just like them and share ideas, challenges and creativity. After all, a shared environment is not only a shared working space, but a sharing of entreprenual spirit, imagination and inspiration.

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