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To secure a student visa, an applicant must enroll on a full time course registered at an institute in Hong Kong, hold a letter of acceptance, need singed documents from your local sponsor (arranged by the university), photocopies of your identity card and/or travel documents and be able to meet the fees for the course, living expenses and accommodation. The applicant must be able to meet these fees without working and without needing to use public funds. It will normally take six weeks to process a visa or entry permit application for study upon receipt of all the required documents. University fees in Hong Kong are between HK$150,000 and HK$200,000. If the application is accepted, the applicant will get a visa for the length of their course. After the course has been completed, if the applicant decides they would like to stay in Hong Kong, they can apply for an Immigration Arrangements for Non-Local Graduates (IANG) visa to convert their student visa for a further 12 months NO QUESTIONS ASKED, with no need for an employer. However, if the applicant decides they want to stay in Hong Kong longer, and they can find a job within the 12 month extension with a salary at the current market rate, their visa can be renewed for a further 2 years.

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