Tea or Coffee?

tea or coffee

What is your morning drink of choice?

Somehow the choice always seems fall between tea or coffee. And specifically – green tea.

The battle between coffee and tea drinkers is like the one between cat and dog lovers. Accusations are fired, science quoted, discussions launched. And yet we are no closer to the answer: what is better coffee or tea?

Well, maybe that’s for the best, as both drinks have great health benefits.

So in one corner we have Green Tea:

 –    catechins (powerful antioxidants, inhibiting cancer cells)

–       preventing obesity

–       preventing coronary disease

–       stress relief

–       clearer thinking

Benefits of coffee:

–       3X the caffeine green tea has

–       protection against mental illness

–       protection  against type II diabetes

–       energy boost

So the winner is….

I guess, you’ll have to decide for yourself. As we said, bothe frinks have great health benefits – when taken in moderation.

Too much on any of these would cancel out all the benefits and bring up side effects.

In big quantities, caffeine can cause insomnia and upset stomach (so those with sleep or anxiety disorders should cut back on their dosage). For others, a recommended amount for women is 300mg and 400 mg for men. Large quantities of green tea can make anticoagulant drugs less effective as well as cause anxiety.

So the key thing is moderation. And perhaps, alternating between the two morning helpers.

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