The 100 Year Service That Could

tramI think I can, I think I can – the little engine that could. Is how I would describe Hong Kong’s long serving tram system in a nutshell.

First timer here: I have never been on a tram, let alone seen one, so my first time on, I was stressing! Asking co-workers what number to take and where to go?! The questions got me some strange looks. Once on I realised just how easy it is, not to mention a view of Hong Kong you wouldn’t get any other way, it’s basically a complementary tour of anything and everything Hong Kong, from the bustling streets to the amazing architecture.

Tram Lesson 101: Hong Kong Tramways are the world’s largest double deck tram fleet. It has been running since 1904, consisting of 163 trams and carrying an average 230 000 passengers per day. For your convenience, the double decker like bus runs on six routes and comes approximately every 2 minutes

Strange facts: Ding ding! the tram’s up for hire! For private, commercial and company use. So if you want to mix up your party, or just haven’t found that add space quite right for you yet, maybe a quirky campaign is just what you need?

Win-win all round – It’s the most inexpensive way for the people of Hong Kong to get from point a to b, tourist, a scenic feel of the city, and businesses, a effective and creative way to promote.

profilepicture  by Cathy

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