The 11 Laws of Likeability by Michelle Tills Lederman

11 laws of likability

The 11 Laws of Likeability is a guide to effective networking, especially for those promoting their own business.

The book encourages us to look at networking from a different angle and focus on building long-term relationships and friendships, rather than focusing on immediate goals.

The book features activities, self-assessment quizzes, stories from professional and social settings and helps the readers identify what is likeable in themselves and create honest, authentic relationships.

Readers will learn how to:

  • Start conversations and keep them going with ease
  • Convert acquaintances into friends
  • Uncover people’s preferences and tweak their own personal style to enable engaging, reciprocal interactions
  • Create follow-up and stay in others’ minds long after the initial meeting.

The book is a great guide to genuine and sincere communication and teaches us to avoid coming across as manipulative or self-serving.

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