The great escape for lunch In Wan Chai

Via da is a great place to go for an upscale café lunch. Our team Centre O thinks this is a good addition to the neighborhood, and it offers great food, one of the most authentic and welcoming Italian restaurants you could hope to find.

The emphasis at this new restaurant is on producing homemade authentic Italian food, using good quality ingredients and where possible locally sourced produce.

Enjoy fresh Italian flavors with either a traditional pasta preparation or a fresh sandwich, followed by a salad of seasonal ingredients but if you can’t decide on a lunch item, pick two: half-salad, half sandwich.
A good Focaccia can give you the same joy of the view of a beautiful Leonardo da Vinci painting, and the view of a real Italian “tiramisu” can give to you no less interior happiness than the view of a beautiful Tuscan landscape… This restaurant is made with simplicity, tradition and quality food served with passion for friends and family. Alejandro Vaglitetti said ‘we want to make happy customers where they can feel home.

It is no secret that most restaurants are not exactly environmentally friendly. They use a tremendous amount of energy and water and produce huge piles of garbage. But like Alejandro Vaglietti manager of Via Da said “ We are trying to think green as much as possible, we don’t want to waste any food,that’s why we are going to give our food for free at this amazing association ‘Food Angels’ that is a food rescue for homeless people in Hong Kong.

More than a good restaurant for lunch, there is nothing better than having a real Italian coffee at any time on the day. Favorite time of the day for Centre O team is ‘The Italian Aperitivo’ a glorious couple of hours between 17:30pm to 20:30pm when you can relax post-work over a glass of wine or Campari.
Close your eyes, listen the lovely Italian music, smell the small garden and imagine you’re in an Italian piazza.

Buon Appetito

Go check out and taste their Panini and Tiramisu!
Open from 11:30 to 22:30
14-16 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, HK

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