The Most Important Business Tools Of The Future: THE MOBILE APP

Mobile Applications are revolutionary changing the world, and hence have become very much important for businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether it’s small businesses or a big corporate, Mobile Applications will help you to be with your audience spending more and more time on smart phones,it will be a better source in knowing well about their choices and demands. Hence mobile applications can edge your business level and to reach much higher extent. No entrepreneur is without a smartphone or tablet anymore. In fact, it’s hard to remember what exactly we did before we had the ability to stay on top of everything thanks to our mobile. But with the proliferation of “apps”, particularly those targeting business owners, it’s hard to know which ones are worth the download.

What are the most useful mobile applications for your business in 2015?

Let’s see what Centre O Connect uses Google drive, Calendar.
Other highly recommended apps include:

– Evernote: With Evernote, there is almost no excuse for forgetting any important information ever again. When you are away from your laptop, you can use Evernote to take a note incredibly easily, and add audio file or picture if you need and then send the information to Evernote’s computers where you can search for your material by text, image, or date. Want to set a reminder for yourself or make a to-do list? Evernote can do that. You can also send yourself articles to be used as inspiration for future blog posts and research. An easy Chrome extension let’s you clip just about anything you want from a browser, too. Evernote is the 21st-century way of taking notes and more, this is a memory helper.

– Refresh: In a perfect business world, we would all have plenty of time to over-research the people we are taking meetings with. A new mobile application called Refresh wants to make your meeting life easier by providing personal “dossiers” on all the people you have squeezed into your workday. By syncing with services such as Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it helps you go into your meetings prepared and informed. Refresh gives you the ability to review past interactions with the people with whom you will be meeting or to learn new information about them. Refresh links to your phone calendar and take a crazy amount of data from your various social networks to create this dossier, which of course means that you have to allow it access to these accounts for the application to work.

– Sunrise: Sunrise for Android offers an enormous number of features: agenda view, week view, and month view, Google Maps previews for maps and directions, contact photos, weather, and tasteful Facebook events and birthdays integration. There is also an agenda widget for your home screen that lets you check your schedule. Sunrise application has an interface that is very easy to navigate and connects seamlessly with all major calendar services. Every event for which you have to RSVP is clearly marked at the very top of the main interface, so no meetings will ever fall through the cracks. Sunrise also lets you drill down to get more information on the contacts with which you are having meetings. With Sunrise, there isn’t much of a reason to be using the calendar app that comes with your phone. Sunrise is that good, and free as well.

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