Tips To Improve Customer Service


Repeat customers and referrals is a cost effective way for your business to generate income. So it is a good idea to spend some time improving your customer‘s experience, nurturing and caring about your existing clients, here are 4 tips how:

1. Serve, don’t sell

Start focusing on your potential customer’s needs, wants, goals, challenges and how you can help them with it, rather than solely focusing on generating sales. Customers will see that you care more than their pocket and over time open up. They will begin to exchange more information with you that will not only help your sales, but in turn make themselves a satisfied customer.

2. Ask and Listen

Questioning and listening to their feedback is key to ensuring what your customers want, finding out about your potential clients and creating a relationship. The more you find out about your customers, the easier it is clarify their needs, making them feel valued as you begin to relate and understand them, in hand making it easier to target new customers.

3. Be contactable

Stay regular contact with them and be open ended, think outside the box of direct marketing and newsletters. This means not only replying their emails and phone calls as soon as possible, but also going that extra step. For example, after the purchase send out a thank you, then after a few weeks follow up with a  ‘Hello___ how they are going with the product/service’ etc., making it personalised so that they feel individually valued. This comes back to number 2 and 1, being contactable doesn’t  just mean doing punctual with your replies, but also making the customer feel that they are able to approach you.

4. Exceed expectations

Go the extra mile and make your customers happier to keep them coming back. That is, giving them what they cannot receive elsewhere, knowing simple things such as birthdays, likes and dislikes, for example having their favourite drink ready when you have a meeting with them. Customers are the reason your business runs, always value them and make sure they know they are valued.customer-service1

So remember to be proactive with your customers, stay up to date with them, be thoughtful and make them feel special. This rapport may be in turn be rewarded with loyalty, repeat sales (even up sales) and referrals.

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