Trademark Classifications in Hong Kong: Class 6 to 10

To continue, here the brief description of classes 6 to 10 of the Nice Classification (NCL)

  • Class 6
    Common metals and their alloys; metal building materials; transportable buildings of metal; materials of metal for railway tracks; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes; goods of common metal not included in other classes; ores.
    This class includes mainly common metals that are unwrought and partly wrought, as well as simple products that are made of them.
    This class does not include bauxite, mercury, antimony, alkaline and alkaline-earth metals which are under class 1, also metals in foil and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists which are under class 2.
    Examples of companies and products:
    Yales – Locks, keys and related products;
    Aluminum Corporation of China – aluminum products.
  • Class 7
    Machines and machine tools; motors and engines (except for land vehicles); machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles); agricultural implements other than hand-operated; incubators for eggs; automatic vending machines.
    This class includes mainly machines, machine tools, motors and engines. To be more particular, it includes parts of motors and engines (of all kinds); and electric cleaning machines and apparatus.
    This Class does not include certain special machines and machine tools; hand-operated tools and implements which are under class 8; motors and engines for land vehicles which are under class 12.
    Examples of companies and products:
    General Electric – aircraft engine, home appliances and other machine tools;
  • Class 8
    Hand tools and implements (hand operated); cutlery; side arms; razors.
    This class includes mainly hand-operated implements used as tools in the respective professions, in particular, cutlery of precious metals; electric razors and clippers (hand instruments).
    This Class does not include certain special instruments; machine tools and implements driven by a motor under class 7; surgical cutlery under class 10; side arms being firearms under class 13; paper knives under class 16; and fencing weapons under class 28.
    Examples of companies and products
    J.A. Henckels – Knifes, blades, scissors etc.;
    Gillette – Razors.
  • Class 9
    Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers; computer software; fire-extinguishing apparatus.
    This Class includes, in particular, apparatus and instruments for scientific research in laboratories; as well as apparatus and instruments for controlling ships; protractors; punched card office machines; and all computer programs and software regardless of recording media or means of dissemination.
    This Class does not include electrical apparatus and instruments such as those for the kitchen; and certain ones driven by an electrical motor, plus those for pumping or dispensing fuels; electric razors, clippers (hand instruments) and flat irons; electrical apparatus for space heating or for the heating of liquids, for cooking, ventilating, etc.; and electric toothbrushes and combs. Clocks and watches and other chronometric instruments; and amusement and game apparatus adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor.
    Examples of companies and products:
    Apple – smartphones, laptop computers;
    Nikon – digital camera and other recording devices.
  • Class 10
    Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopaedic articles; suture materials.
    This class includes mainly medical apparatus, instruments and articles, in particular, special furniture for medical use; hygienic rubber articles; and supportive bandages.
    Examples of companies and products:
    Planmeca – dental instruments and equipment;
    Regal Prosthesis Limited – artificial limbs.

Please refer to the section at the IPD’s website, and at the WIPO website for the details about the current edition and version of the International Classification.

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