Trick or treat?

Hong Kong Halloween celebrations were practically non-existent not too long ago, but have recently become quite popular as more and more, young and old, embrace the entertaining spirit of the holiday.

In Hong Kong, it is difficult to find trick-or-treating. Halloween is more represented by various forms of entertainment. The two major theme parks in town, which are Disneyland and Ocean Park, will turn into giant haunted mansions. Both of the parks hire hundreds of extras to pop-up in scary costumes to frighten people. The spirit of the haunted holiday is showcased and you can enjoy Halloween in a spooky atmosphere.

For more festivities, bars, and pubs and clubs in Lan Kwai Fong will be hosting their very own parties and Halloween celebrations. Dress up with costume for clubbing and bar hopping. Enjoy a black and orange meal in the city! Check out ghostly scenes and decorations popping up in the shopping centers. You can go to there to take photos or play the ghost house.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the wicked fun of Hong Kong Halloween festivities!

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