Have you ever been to Tsuen Wan? It is located in New Territories. Slightly far away from Hong Kong Island, and way different when you get there! This is one of the main industrial areas in Hong Kong. There, you can find many factories and industrial buildings. Basically there, companies get spacious areas at a much more reasonable price than in Hong Kong Island. Therefore, many warehouses and logistic enterprises are based there. Plus, the fact that they are all present within the same area is quite convenient to synergize between each other. Also, customers and external companies working in partnership with firms in Tsuen Wan tend to benefit from this geographic concentration.

We went there to meet a few Centre O customers! One of them is Alex Yee, business owner of a family printing company called Creative Packaging Resources Limited. He has different sites all around the world, especially in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and the US. We visited around his properties in Tsuen Wan to discover a bit more how they are organised and the way they operate. Hong Kong mainly gathers offices and stocking areas. Since they are expanding their printing capacities, all the printing facilities are now in China and Taipei. Hong Kong will be only the place where to stock orders, and also they are planning on establishing a special area for samples and trials only to be sent to the customers. The fact that they are located in Tsuen Wan is practical for them in the way that it’s easy to travel to China from there!

Are you planning to run an industrial business? Do you need space to setup your facilities? Are you collaborating with China a lot? Then, Tsuen Wan is a place for you to consider establishing your business!

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