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China’s censors have blocked Twitter’s micro blog since 2009 along with U.S. social media platform Facebook, Google and YouTube. But last week, something changed: Twitter Inc. has opened an office in Hong Kong, its first in China. The company has worked with celebrities and television networks to boost his presence and got a better impact in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Twitter is here now to promote the business around the region, both inside and outside of China; we can definitely say that Twitter plays a substantial role in PR.

The company has 288 million users worldwide and gets his revenue from advertisers who paid to inject their ads, known as “promoted tweets”, into Twitter users’ timelines. Twitter generates most of its revenue from selling promoted tweets, accounts or topics to corporate clients.

There are a number of Chinese companies that are really aiming to be global and use Twitter’s micro blogging service to reach an international audience. In fact, Chinese companies have become increasingly active overseas, selling their products and services such as technology group to western consumers or buying up international brands.

Looking forward to see the next evolution in the Greater China region!

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Twitter, China, Hong Kong

Twitter, China, Hong Kong


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