Us citizen and you tend to travel a lot to CHINA? It’s the best time to apply for it under the new agreement.

There has been new policy for US passport applying for China Visa. The U.S. and China have mutually agreed to increase business and tourist visa validity to 10 years.

The agreement, which went into force on March 9th, comes as an increasingly seek Chinese business and investment.

The announcement came during a visit to China by US President Barack Obama. “There were 1.8 million Chinese visitors to the US last year, Obama said, contributing $21 billion to the economy and supporting more than 100,000 jobs”. So, this agreement could help to quadruple those numbers, which will benefit those two economies and bring both people together. While most go to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, they represent a growing and increasingly coveted source of high-spending visitors in destination countries.
For the U.S. government, increasing visa validity is also the key to conserving limited consular resources. In particular, increasing visa validity could decrease the pace at which the U.S. Mission in China needs to hire, train, and deploy officers to adjudicate nonimmigrant visa applications. But the issue was sure to come to a head again due to the apparently inexorable year-on-year increases in outbound Chinese travelers.

For the Chinese government, the agreement helps Chinese companies do business in the increasingly interconnected global economy. Perhaps more importantly, the agreement helps fulfill the desire of the growing Chinese middle class for more convenient international travel.

The new arrangement is tended to be less expensive and considerably more convenient for American  passport holders and business travelers previously having to make annual applications if they visited China or the United States every year. The fee for 10 years tourist entries with normal 4 days process:

HK$2500/ person

Here’s what the new policy means for U.S. visas issued to Chinese nationals, according to a State Department:

– Validity will increase from 1 to 10 years.

A visa’s validity refers to the period from the date of issuance to expiration. The U.S. issues visas valid for multiple entries but US Passport holder can no longer apply for single/double/ 6 months multiple/ 12 months multiple entries China Visa. There will be no other options even if you are heading into China for 1 visit. The new agreement doesn’t change rules related to the period of authorized stay.

What documents you need to provide:

1) US passport with more than 12 months validity
2) 1 passport photo with white background
3) Landing slip coming into HK (via the custom)
4) For people that are age below 18, we will need a copy of birth certificate with parents names and copy of both parents passports.


If your passport expires after a few years, you will have to carry 2 passports when traveling into China.

Please email for further enquiries and support.


China Visa, US Passport Holder

China Visa, US Passport Holder

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