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I love the movie “You’ve Got Mail”. I especially love the quote from the movie, which praises Starbucks for helping us define who we are by having a signature drink (tall Cappuccino, Decaf Late and so on). And recently I have noticed that my preferences have started to change, indicating certain changes within.

I have become an espresso-person. Yes, one of those guys, usually in suits, drinking coffee out of tiny cups and seemingly enjoying the pure bitterness and  lack of sugar and milk. Is there anything good that comes with it? Apparently, yes!

  1. A reduced risk of diabetes. Obviously, switching from sugary drinks to a pure espresso (preferably without sugar) will be beneficial from the side of sugar intake.
  2. Parkinson’s. In a recent study it was found that people who drank 4 to 5 cups of coffee each day cut their risk of developing Parkinson’s disease by nearly half.
  3. Fewer calories. Coffee + water is much less of a threat to your figure than a vanilla macchiato with whipped cream.
  4. Image. I may be exaggerating, but ordering an espresso during a business lunch projects a more serious image than a cookie-crumble latte)

So, ready to switch?

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