What are the Real Benefits of Teambuilding?

Teambuilding benefits

We are all familiar with team building and while we mostly tend to see it as a fun outing with colleagues or a night at KTV, there is much more to it than that.

Here’s what.

 Improved Communication

Teambuilding activities can breakdown barriers and help people come out of their shell.

By working together on a task that is different from their daily responsibilities, people can develop new ways of working together. It can help let go of built-up tension and develop partnerships and cooperation, as in a competitive environment people will see the benefits of helping out each other very clearly.

 Developed Team Roles

Team building can help employees discover and fit into the roles that are naturally suited for them.

For instance, some may be good at setting objectives and delegating, while others are better at checking the finished work for errors.

Team building allows each member of the team to develop and focus on what they are best at. It also allows the team members to find their niche within the team, so that everyone can best contribute as an individual while still performing together.

Developed Skills

In a busy and deadline-driven working environment it may be hard for employees to develop new skills and equally hard for employers to discover the “hidden” abilities of their team members.

Team-building activities can allow each member of the team a chance to take charge and develop leadership skills, as well as skills in other areas of the business.

 Long-Term Benefits

According to team expert Talan Miller, a strong team can lead to major gains for a small business, like the ability to maximize profitability, meet cross-functional challenges and respond to changes quicker.

It also gives your team a better sense of involvement and belonging, making your team more mission-focused and helping you achieve more with less direction.


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