What Does Your Desk Say About You? Part I


We live in a world where everybody encourages us to focus on the work at hand and more than often we tend to ignore the seemingly unimportant details. But in fact, they may be able to send out a message about us, leaving us unaware of the impressions we make.

So what do our desk say about us? Or, of you are a boss or manager, what additional information can you learn about your employees that may help you motivate them better and built a more productive relationship?

According to Sam Gosling, a psychologist and professor at the University of Texas at Austin and author or Snoop: What Does Your Stuff Says About You (Basic Books, 2009) says: “People want to be known. You’re healthier, happier and more productive when others see you as who you are”.

“Take a look at your colleague’s/employee’s desk. What does the space look like?  What personal objects are there? It’s really important to look for themes. Focus on the objects that are consistent and permanent” – Gosling stresses.

Intrigued? Stay tuned for Part Two of our Desk Blog to learn more about your co-workers and may be yourself))

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