What Does Your Desk Say About You? Part II


Here are a few easy things to look for, along with what they reveal about personality:

1.    An organized desk says… you’re reliable and punctual

It should cone as no surprise that people with organized desks tend to be those who are good at planning and getting things done on time.

“When I go into a space, I look for a calendar first,” Gosling says, since an up-to-date, used desk calendar is another sign of a conscientious person.

2.    Unusual objects say… you’re creative and open to new experiences. 

People with original art or a diverse array of objects tend to be willing to embrace new ideas or experiences and are often creative.

“If you go in and think, wow, I’ve never seen that before, they’re likely high in openness,” Gosling says.

3. Inspirational posters and messages say… you’re neurotic.

Those who surround themselves with inspirational statements are usually the classic Type A personality.

“Inspirational statements help calm anxiety and keep together emotionally” – Golsing says.

4. An inviting space says… you’re extroverted.

People whose spaces/offices seem to be exceptionally inviting (open doors, comfortable chairs, candy jars and so on) tend to be very sociable. Sociability can pave the way for promotions and new opportunities, so introverts may help their careers by adding a few inviting touches. “People can learn to exercise that side,” Gosling says. “But it’ll never be pleasant like it is for someone who is biologically this way. It’s not intrinsic.”



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