Branding Kit

A brand kit is a collection of the visual elements of your brand: the colour palette, logo(s), and typography. It also known as a brand style guide or brand guidelines. It is a document that outlines the visual and stylistic elements of a brand. So branding kit serves as a reference point for maintaining consistency in all brand communications both online and offline.

What is including in a Branding Kit?


The branding kit includes guidelines on logo usage, variations, sizes, and clear space requirements. Then the guideline ensures that the logo is always displayed correctly and consistently across all platforms. No matter the logo is in online or offline materials.

Colour Palette

Colour Palette specifies the primary and secondary colours that represent the brand. The branding kit includes color codes (such as HEX, RGB, or CMYK values) to ensure color consistency in all brand materials.


The branding kit defines the fonts or typefaces used for headings, subheadings, body text, and other elements. It includes guidelines on font sizes, styles, and spacing to maintain a consistent look and feel.


Guidelines on the types of images and graphics that should be used to represent the brand. This may include photography style, illustration guidelines, image quality, and usage rights.

Voice and Tone

Defines the brand’s personality, voice, and tone of communication. It provides guidelines on the language style, messaging, and tone of voice to maintain consistency in brand messaging.


Specifies any custom icons or symbols that are part of the brand identity. Guidelines on when and how to use these icons are included in the branding kit.

Design Elements

Other design elements such as patterns, textures, or graphic elements that are part of the brand identity are outlined in the branding kit.

Usage Guidelines

Instructions on how to apply the branding elements across various materials, including digital platforms, print materials, merchandise, and more.

Is it important to prepare a branding kit?

A branding kit is to consolidate all of your brand’s design assets so that they can be easily accessed and reproduced both internally and externally. So, providing a comprehensive set of guidelines for visual and stylistic elements. It ensures that all brand communications are cohesive, consistent, and aligned with the brand’s identity and values. It helps maintain brand recognition, build trust with customers, and establish a strong and memorable brand presence. As we know visual consistency helps strengthen your company’s image with its audience and makes your brand feel familiar over time.

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