We are so glad you asked. Co-working is a working style that involves several people from different organizations working in a shared space. It often chosen by free-lancers, independent contractors, start-ups and others in search of synergy and inspiration, that often comes when a number of talented individuals gather in the same place.

The benefits of a co-shared space are evident: low-cost, creative, great for networking…The list goes on and on and in our upcoming blogs we would like to look at each one in a bit more detail.

Low cost

Saving money is one of the major benefits of a co-working space. The ability to invest all your resources in unlocking your idea is a great privilege, especially in Hong Kong.

The average cost of an office space in a prime location goes up to HKD 30 000 (for a two-people office) – and that is not taking into account administrative and upkeep costs.  For a small business this can be a significant commitment and a significant source of pressure.

So the chance to cut down on costs is often jumped at by young entrepreneurs. And with a shared office, this chance comes with great benefits:

–       you may be able to work in a prime location, in the business heart of Hong Kong  – and yet not pay astronomical rent

–       you will not have to spend extra on Internet, telephone and other bills

–       you will have a comfortable working environment, complete with a business lounge and refreshments

–       you will work in an international environment, meeting fellow-entrepreneurs – with no additional cost for attending networking events

–       and all the saved resources you have acquired can go directly to unleashing the full business potential of your company.

For more details – we are at sales@centreo.hk

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