What is Share Capital And Its Regulations In Hong Kong?

Share capital Hong Kong

There are two types of share capital for Hong Kong companies: authorized capital and issued / paid-up capital.

Although there is no minimum share capital requirement, the general norm for companies incorporated in Hong Kong is to have authorized share capital of HKD 10,000 represented by 10,000 ordinary shares of HKD 1.00 each.

The authorized share capital can be increased anytime after the company has been incorporated.

However, you will have to pay the Hong Kong government a capital duty of 0.1% for share capital over HKD 10,000. The capital duty is capped at HKD 30,000 in each case.

The minimum issued/paid-up capital is usually 1 share of HKD 1.00. There is no limit or restriction on the maximum amount of share capital for both types. Share capital can be expressed in any major currency and is not restricted to the Hong Kong Dollar alone. Shares can be freely transferred, subject to a stamp duty fee. Bearer shares are not allowed.

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