What is Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)?

Innovation and Technology Commission introduced the Technology Voucher Programme in 2016.  The mission is to support small and medium companies in Hong Kong to improve productivity or upgrade or transform local operating business processes with the use of technology.  On 26 February, it was announced that TVP fund is now converted to a regular funding programme for companies in Hong Kong. 

What’s New?

During the 2020-21 Budget, the TVP has further enhance to assist companies to improve on:

 making use of technologies;

businesses operation;

enhance competitiveness for businesses

The funding ratio for each applicant has increased from maximum of  2/3 of the actual project cost to 3/4. The funding ceiling  has increased from HK$400,000 to HK$600,000. Nevertheless, the number of projects per applicant has increased from 4 to 6.


When to apply?

The latest measures will be applicable to applications received on or after 1 April 2020.

Applicants wishing to apply under the new TVP funds enhancement should withdraw the original application ( if any)  and submit a new application on or after 1 April, 2020. 


When is the deadline?

TVP is open for application throughout the year, and the up-coming batch of application will be close on 8 May 2020.


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