An interesting article on Forbes a few months back offered an insightful tip on how to close your presentation with a punch!

As the article mentioned: “ A wise speaker

gives the audience an opportunity to express that collective energy in the form of action”.

Apparently, getting your audience to do something at the end of the presentation can make your talk more memorable, get you better response, ratings and help build a lasting connection.

So what can your audience actually DO?


It doesn’t mean giving them a fake assignment to finish in the next few weeks – it is asking them to DO something right there and then, without leaving the room – something that will reinforce the message of the talk.


The article gave a very vivid example:

The topic of the presentation was charity. At the end of his talk, the speaker asked everyone in the audience to grab all the loose change they could find in their pockets and wallets and on the count of three – throw it on the floor. He then sent collectors to pick up the money. That speech raised $12 000 for AIDS relief in under five minutes.

Was there a better way to make a point?

So, what about your presentations? Can you think of the right call to action?


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