What is a WFOE?

WFOE stands for Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise – a China registered company which is wholly owned by foreign investors for either individual or corporate.

WFOE is a common business setup by which non-Chinese nationals or non-Chinese corporate entities incorporate a foreign-owned limited liability company in Mainland China. A WFOE is a limited liability company which is wholly-owned by foreign investor(s). The unique feature of a WFOE is no need to involve of a mainland Chinese investor. Unlike most other investment vehicles available for foreigners to utilize to set up a corporate entity in Mainland China. 

What is the requirement for a China WOFE’s Registered Address?

A WOFE’s registered Address means the address registered in government departments for a WOFE to operate its business officially. The registered address also uses for the registration of the Licenses, Certificates and Articles of a WOFE. The government officers will contact the entrepreneurs by telephone instead of visiting the WOFE location. So, entrepreneurs can register WOFEs in a real office or a virtual address.

Frequent Asked Question of Registered Address

1/ Can we use a residential address to register a WOFE?

No, we can’t use a residential address to register a WOFE. We have to use a commercial address for the registration.

2/ Can we use a residential and commercial use address to register a WOFE?

Yes, we can use it. But please make sure the property has an indication for both commercial and residential use in the ownership certificate.

3/ Can we use a Business Building or Warehouse to register a WOFE?

Yes, we can use it. The terms and conditions are the same address is not registered by any other company.

4/ Can we use a garage register a WOFE?

No, we can’t

5/ What are the advantages and disadvantages between solid office and virtual address?

Advantage for solid office: You can work in your office with the best fit setting and environment. And you can send and receive packages between your business partners.

Advantage for virtual address: The setup cost is low; Good for startup entrepreneur with limited budget.

Disadvantages for solid office: The setup cost is relatively high. If you want to relocate your WOFE, it will be more complicated as you need to find a new registered address and change the registered address of your WOFE.

Disadvantages for virtual address: You don’t have your own office space for you to work in it.

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