What Should You Do Before Your Meetings?

Being well prepared is very important in having a successful meeting. Meetings are also a major part of most careers, so it can be a big deal!

Every hour of every day, in offices around the world, people spend time sitting in business meetings. Good preparation is the key to building confidence for meeting clients.

Three basic and easy tricks to get yourself prepared for each day:

  1. This may seem elementary, but pack your bag for the next day every night before you go to bed. This way, there is no way you can forget anything important for the following day. You waste valuable time and energy if you have to go back to your house to grab something!
  2. Do your homework! Nothing is more embarrassing than going to a business meeting unprepared. Even just 10 minutes of researching can be the deal breaker when you risk losing potential clients or even your credibility.
  3. Make a list! Besides, there’s nothing more satisfying than checking something completed off a list!

Before the Meeting:

Before the meeting, get as full a picture as you can of the client and their business. They will then feel flattered if you know what the business does and if you can quote a few figures. This will give them confidence in you which will reflect back for your own confidence.Decide how you want to record your notes. If you aren’t comfortable relying on your pen and notepad, try using the voice recorder on your Smartphone. It’s always good to bring your laptop or pads to meetings. In case, you need to show your clients pictures or need to search online for some information at the spot.

After the Meeting:

Review the notes and add additional comments, or clarify what you didn’t understand right after the meeting. Do this while the information is fresh in your mind. Send an email to the person you just had the meeting with, so that everyone is on the same page and no misunderstanding. It’s a good reference for future records top.

Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.

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