Why You Should Think Like an Entrepreneur Even If You Are Not


I have recently come across an article by Michael Moroney that

has made me want to jump back in time and read it when I was 20.

The thing is, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. But until yesterday, I had no idea I’ve been one all along)

Here’s why.

According to Michael Moroney, entrepreneurial thinking works for all of us, even if we don’t actually own a business.

We are all drawn to the idea of “being our own boss” and arranging our own schedule. However, even if we are currently working for someone else, we are all “bosses” of our own future and career advancement.

“I like to think about this in terms of a model I call “YouCo,”  -writes Michael – where each person is CEO of their own job — not only their daily tasks and deliverables, but also their broader personal and professional goals”.

By placing yourself at the center of your personal one-person company, you’re also forced to confront important decisions about your career ambitions head on, and to devise short-, middle-, and long-term plans for attaining those goals. Just like in business.

That made me think…where is NatalliaCo right now and where would I like it to be? What are my goals for this year? Should I be outsourcing career and professional advice? How do I increase my own efficiency and grow in a sustainable fashion?

Thinking about myself in this way, really made me realize that I am the one in charge and that I have always been the boss of my own professional advancement.

Being your own boss comes with wonderful opportunities, as well as great responsibility.

So no matter where you are in life, just remember that you are  already running a “YouCo”.

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