Will You Qualify for the Right of Abode in Hong Kong if it is Not Your Intention to Live Here Permanently?

Thinking Man

Let’s start with the approvability test for the Right of Abode in Hong Kong, which states that you need to me continuously living in the city for the period of seven years and any absences occurring during that time must be of temporary nature.

If you meet these conditions and go on with the process for Right of Abode you will need to make a declaration on honest terms about your intentions regarding staying in Hong Kong and making it your ONLY place of permanent residence.

Of course, like with many others before you, your life circumstances may change. Then so be it. However, at the time you make your application it must be your intention that HK is your only permanent residency.

People who are not able to make a sworn declaration of such an intention, often choose to change their application to Unconditional Stay, which offers a great degree of administrative convenience. Note that even with unconditional stay there is a condition of visiting Hong Kong at least once in twelve months.


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